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Meet the Instructors 

Selene Pringle                        Co-Director, Choreographer, Dancer and Dance Teacher  Born in Mexico City, she started taking ballet classes at the age of 3 at Bellas Artes Mexico and studied folkloric dance from 8 years old to 15 years old at the Casa de Cultura in the state of Mexico. During her adolescence she continued to practice ballet and contemporary dance with one of the teachers and choreographers at UNAM, as well as modern dance and gymnastics at INENIB in the state of Mexico. Moving to the United States at the age of 18, she continued to seek ways to pursue her passion by taking classes, workshops, and conventions. It was not until her sister Alma showed interest in dancing that she realized that the city of Charlotte did not have a bilingual school that would show Latin American technique and dance. Her siblings Alma Campuzano and David Stafford became her first students, taking the discipline very seriously and rehearsing five days a week. Eventually acquaintances and friends showed interest and the classes began to expand. Her preparation continues with highly recognized teachers and choreographers such as Nelson Reyes (former principal dancer of the Havana Ballet) as well as Eric Carpio, choreographer of Televisa Mexico.

Alma Campuzano

Co-Director, Choreographer, Professional Dancer and Dance TeacherBorn in the State of Mexico, Alma studied Dance in Bellas Artes at the age of 5. Upon arriving in the United States, she could not find an academy where she could explore her Latin American identity and began taking classes privately with her sister Selene Stafford. She began to participate in competitions at the age of 15 and continued her preparation with choreographers and teachers such as Nelson Reyes (former principal dancer of the Havana ballet) Eric Carpio, choreographer of Televisa Mexico. Alma was a teacher in the Dancing for Diversity program for 3 consecutive years, a program between Latin American Women association and CMS. She has had the opportunity to travel to Mexico City and reinforce her knowledge with teacher Renato Levi of the Ballet Folklorico de Amalia Hernandez. She has been a professional dancer for more than a decade and has been a dancer for international figures such as Pedro Fernandez, Belinda, Lucero, Grupo Canaveral and many more. Alma is themost energetic Dancer and instructor of El Alma de la Luna. And there is no rhythm that she cannot master.

Sarah Stafford

Professional Ballet Dancer, NYC 

Born in Charlotte, NC and being part of a family of dancers, Sarah began taking ballet classes at the age of 3 with Charlotte Ballet, Latin American dance with the El ALma de la Luna , as well as with choreographers such as Nelson Reyes. Former dancer of the Ballet de la Havana and Eric Carpio choreographer for Televisa Mexico. She has participated in dozens of competitions and has been a professional dancer from an early age. She recently graduated from Joffrey Ballet school in NYC and with a Bachelor Degree in Fine arts, music, dance and theater from the New Jersey City University. She is currently a company member of the New York Theater Ballet and when she is in Charlotte to visit, she uses it to the fullest to share, prepare and contribute to teachers and members of El Alma de la Luna.

Alejandro Bastidas

Born in  Colombia Alejandro has been a member of El Alma de la Luna for more than 6 years, he is a principal dancer of the academy and  our competitive team in addition to being a professional dancer in the NBA, dancing for the men's dance team of the Charlotte Hornets. he is also a dance instructor and substitute teacher.

Fernanda Sabrina Sandoval

Fernanda Sabrina Sandoval,

Born in Mexico City, Mexico, I started dancing in an academy in Mexico where my love for dance started. When I moved to the US, I discovered El Alma de La Luna Dance Academy at the age of 10 and re-sparked my love for dance and my Latin heritage. I joined El Alma de La Luna Dance Academy since they were in their Plaza Fiesta location in 2012 and have continued my dance career with them for almost 8 years. I have performed in various events including our annual  recitals, Regional Showstoppers Christmas/Thanksgiving Parades, Folkmoot Festival, Hola Asheville Festivals, Colombian Festival, and more.    

Maritza Daniela Hernandez-Gonzalez

born in the USA! My passion for dance began when I was 12 years old and I was very sorry for not knowing how to dance. I discovered El Alma de La Luna on social media and begged my parents to sign me up for some classes! During my first year at the Academy, I fell in love. Want to dedicate myself and show off to reach high levels! I joined El Alma de La Luna at their location in Pineville in 2017 and I have continued to dance with them for 7 years!! I also participated in many events, presentations, annual recitals, Regional and National Showstoppers competitions, the Folkmoot Festival, the Hornets Halftime Show, Parades, and more! I am very excited and grateful to be dancing with the Academy and Teaching the minis how to dance with my partner Sabrina Sandoval!🌙

Nelson its been a colaborator of El Alma de la Luna for 10 years Nelson Reyes was born in Holguin city, Cuba. He studied and graduated from the National School of Art in Havana. Cuba,Freelance  and Choreographer .Guest Choreographer at Compañia de Ballet Concierto de Campeche A.C, Former Choreographer at Ballet Spartanburg South Carolina,Former principal dancer and choreographer at ACDT. North Carolina,Former Dancer at Hedwig Dance . Chicago,Former Dancer at Chicago Lirical Opera, Former Dancer at Kinnetic Work . Charlotte North Carolina,Former principal Dancer and Choreographer at Danza Contemporanea de Cuba

Guest Choreographer at Ballet moderno de yucatan Mexico, Dance Instructor Asheville Contemporary Dance Theater USA ,Joffrey Academy School Chicago, Ruth page Center for the Art Chicagoand many more...

David Stafford

Choreographer, Professional Dancer, Dance Teacher        Born in the State of Mexico, David came to the United States at the age of 3 years old. He founda taste for dance by watching his sisters being constant practice and dance in events. His training waswith El Alma de la Luna in all Latin rhythms, and in ballet and tap at the Charlotte Ballet Academy. As a teenager, he began to define himself as a Hip Hop dancer and developed his passion as an NBA dancer from 2019 to 2022. In addition to having the opportunity to be the leader choreographer on several occasions for the Charlotte Hives of the Hornets team, he has wonseveral competitions and is the teacher at El Alma de la Luna that brings an urban style to ourchoreographies. He has been a dancer for international figures such as Belinda, Ninel Conde,Lucero and many more.

Angela Castillo 

From Peru, Angela is an expert in peruvian dance and she holds different national and international championships dancing Marinera, she recently moved to USA and she has a great pasion to share her culture and experiance with others. she is currently teaching Peruvian folklore to the Elite Classes of El Alma de la Luna